Power Supply TUL


Variantes del producto

TUL 375

27,6 V 5 A Power supply unit with an exclusive 10 levels integrated led ammeter and overloaded battery signaling.

TUL 373

27,6 V 3 A Power supply unit with an exclusive 10 levels integrated led ammeter and overloaded battery signaling.


Approved UNI EN 54-4:2007:
– TUL 375: n.0051-CPD-0267
– TUL 373: n.0051-CPD-0266

Descripción Detallada

Equipped with 1 Output for battery recharge and 3 independent outputs. Protection against polarity inversion, short circuit and overvoltage. Battery recharging circuit compensated in temperature. Input / outputs protection fuses.

In case of battery failure or battery short circuit, the unit is able to provide anyway current. The check board on frontal panel is finished with an elegant led back-lighted cover with serigraphy indicating: tension presence (green light) – battery ok (green light) – low battery (red light) – overloaded battery (red light) – general failure (yellow light).

Equipped also with 2 independent relay outputs, 1 to signal programmable tension absence, 1 for battery failure (low – overloaded – open – disconnected – more than 1 internal resistance), and interrupted fuses. Equipped with 5 led which allow the immediate individuation of each kind of anomaly. As result of Venitem tradition of innovation, this power supply is made with linear regulation, it is able to limit the presence of electromagnetic interferences; moreover, the important CROWBAR protection, allows to preserve all the equipments connected to the power supply.

In compliance to the new norm requirements, Venitem has also designed an innovative and exclusive electronic circuit, able to check the battery internal resistance without overloading it and avoiding to increase its obsolescence (even more frequently than required). This innovation allows to optimize the battery life. The TUL 375 EN is equipped with 12/10 zinc-coated sheet steel metal box (Aluzink system), battery bracket and light grey polyester painting

Especificaciones técnicas

Input power supply 230 Vac 50 Hz
Output power supply 27,6 Vdc
Qutput max current 5A
Input-output protection Fusibili/fuses
Battery output protection Fusibile/fuse
Battery failure relay 1 scambio/switch 1 A
Battery 2 da 12 V 17 Ah Pb
Anti-opening tamper Micro switch
Operating temperature Da/from -10°C a/to + 40°C
Relative humidity Da/from 5% a/to 93%±2%
Dimensions in mm (HxLxD) 373x310x175
Weight 9.500 gr.


Declaration of Performance TUL 735Ingles
Declaration of Performance TUL 373Ingles